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We are The Want Ads, a three-piece classified rock band from Portland, Oregon. Essentially, we are three strangers who met on Craigslist and bonded over a mutual love of tater tots and Ziggy Stardust.  Now we're plotting world domination together.

Current Members Of THE WANT ADS:

Lauren - She writes the songs, plays the keyboard, sings, and flips her hair around onstage (she practices this in the mirror at home but please don't tell anyone).  She has a dog named Prince and a piano in her kitchen. Her favorite food is coffee.

Justin - He plays the drums and recorded/mixed our album.  He can quote "Yellow Submarine" in it's entirety and is currently single (ladies, take note!).  His favorite food is the blue jalapeño corn bread that was discontinued from Trader Joe's ten years ago.

Geoff - He plays the bass and is wishes he lived in the 1970s. He is very particular about mustard and prefers The Rolling Stones over The Beatles. His favorite food is Ovaltine.

Past Members Of THE WANT ADS:

Levi - He replied to the right Craigslist ad at the right time and played guitar with us for about a year and a half. He is the primary guitarist on our album, "Something Wrong With Us." He sailed off into the sunset shortly after the album release and is currently driving around the country Jack Kerouac style. If you live in the United States and want him to come sleep on your couch someday, get in touch. He's a very polite house guest.

Bashar - He's best known for his guitar work on our recording of "Deja Vu."  He played with us in the summer of 2012 and was around for some of our rougher shows (an all-ages soda shop with no sound system, anyone?).  He drifted into the world of progressive punk and parted ways with us, but we're still cool.

The Levi Era
Bass Man - Bass Man played the bass with us for about a month.  We were all one big happy family until he decided that we had connections with The Illuminati and left the band.

Stephen - This dude sort of fell off of the face of the earth.  Justin recently spotted him at a science fiction convention.  He briefly played guitar with us.

Dude With Flock Of Seagulls Hair - I'm not sure if he counts as a member of the band.  We jammed twice and talked about buying a tour van together and then never talked again.  Apparently, he ran.  He ran so far away.

Damien - He was the original guitarist and was abducted by an intergalactic army of Reptilians in 2011.  It's a still a sore subject.


Lauren and Justin went to high school together but never talked. And yes, they even played in the Advanced Jazz Band together. They would finally speak to each other in February of 2012. Justin put up a Craigslist ad about a Viking-themed rock opera and Lauren replied.  The rest is history.

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